Super flexible solutions that support your kind of brand and business

Mix and match modules to run campaigns that achieve the marketing goals and results you want


Harness the power of social online and offline to market your business

Online Promotion to Offline Conversion 
Give away attractive e-coupons through your social campaign to entice fans to come into your restaurant or store.  Track coupon redemption by Facebook user profile through FeverSocial’s Prize Manager, so you know exactly who in your fan base are converted into customers.

Offline Sharing to Online Viral Exposure
Reward customers to share their dining or purchase experience through in-store social campaigns, and use Prize Manager to discover their Facebook identities.   FeverSocial’s mobile-friendly solutions come complete with pre-generated campaign QR code and short URL’s that you can put on your table tent or in-shop display.

Generate social proof for your brand by co-creating contents with your fans

What better content marketing than user-generated contents that endorse your brand?  Leverage your fans’ creative juice by running interactive campaigns on FeverSocial, and collect a wealth of consumer insights at the same time:

  • Trial and Review for new product launch;
  • Poll to understand your fans’ preference;
  • Quiz with your Youtube video embed to test fans on finer points about your brand and product

Link shoppers’ social profile and purchase history to re-market with personalized offers

Multi-Channel Reach
Run integrated social campaigns in your on-line and off-line channels to capture comprehensive customer insights on today’s multi-screened, multi-channel consumers.  FeverSocial’s mobile-friendly solutions and website plug-in function help you convert visitors into fans wherever they go.

Social Coupon
Give away e-coupon codes that are linked to participants’ Facebook IDs, and record redemption at your store’s point of sale or shopping cart check-out.  Sync redemption data with FeverSocial’s Fan Database to close the loop, then leverage both social and purchase data during re-targeting campaigns.

Enhance experience for your site visitors beyond browsing and commenting

Interactive Contents
Use FeverSocial’s website plug-ins to embed a poll, a quiz, or a game next to your contents and media to enrich visitor experience, encourage wider self-expression and sharing,  and collect more social insights.

Plug and Play Campaigns
Create interactive campaigns in minutes without engineering resources so you can launch them anywhere on your website, anytime.