Fan Database

Fan Database

Collect valuable insights about your fans with each FeverSocial campaign you run!  By running clever, thoughtful campaigns consistently, you can learn a ton about your fans’ interests, opinions and purchase intent.

Step 1:  Use our flexible Entry Form to collect campaign participants’ basic demographic data, as well as customized information specific to your business.

All data fields can be used repeatedly across promotions you run on the FeverSocial platform, so the data you collect can be easily consolidated.

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*Basic entry form field feature is available with all plans, while the custom entry form field feature is available with the Pro Marketer Plan and Premium Plan

Step 2: View data collected on EACH fan who has participated your promotions in your Fan Database. All data you collect using the campaign Entry form will be consolidated into the Fan Database.  Use this powerful database to segment your fans and create custom audiences for re-marketing campaigns.

Leveraging Facebook’s powerful social graph data, the Fan Database helps you gain understanding of your fans’ online friends network and activities, in addition to their basic demographic info.

fan database

*Fan Database can be purchased as an add-on product.

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