Wheel of Luck

Wheel of Luck

Key Features

  • Create a selection of prizes and offers and allow users to spin and win.
  • Users can return every day to try their luck again.
  • Separate winning odds and available quantity can be set for each prize.
  • Customise the wheel visual elements to reflect your brand’s look and feel.
  • User can share an eye-catching animated GIF of the prize he/she won to their Facebook timeline.

Set different prizes on the Wheel

You can set up to 8 different prizes on your Wheel of Luck by uploading the prize visuals and/or entering  the names of the prizes.

Tip:  Keep the prize names short for better display on the Wheel.

Prize setting

Customising the Wheel to fit your Brand’s look

  • Start Knob and Wheel Background:  You can upload your own visual
  • Rim of Wheel color:  Select from the color palette or set color by hex code
  • Display:  You can choose to display either the prize visuals, prize names, or both together

customize wheel

Set winning odds for each prize

You can set both the quantity and the winning odd of each prize; winning odds of prizes that ran out already will be re-distributed to remaining prizes.

Tip: The total winning odds of all prizes should add up to exactly 100%.

assign winning odds to each prize

Prize won is displayed in eye-catching animated GIF

When the user shares the prize he/she wins to Facebook, the Timeline post will displayed the prize and the wheel in animated GIF.  This will catch the attention of friends and potentially bring back more curious people to join your promotion~

animated GIF post

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