Trial & Review

Trial & Preview

Key Features

  • In this two-stage campaign, you can first recruit interested fans to sign up for sample trial, and then invite them to write a review on your product/service.
  • Reviews displayed in waterfall style for easy browsing and strong visual impact.
  • Set prizes for best reviewers to encourage quality content.

Stage 1:  Recruit sample trial participants

Ask participants a question about their background, qualifications, or reasons for wanting to try out your product.  You can select your trial participant based on how they answer your question, or based on the information they leave in the sign-up form.  You can mail the selected participants the samples, or ask them to go to a physical location to pick up their samples.

Stage 2:  Trial participants return to share their product reviews

Trial participants write reviews and share photos after receiving your product; you can set prizes or coupons to reward the best reviewers.
*Stage 2 review writing currently only supports participation from PCs


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